Your Wish come True

Looking for an experienced team of betas? Then you’ve found the right people. Do you want an in-depth analysis of your story? Do you want ideas on how to make the story better? Do you want multiple perspectives, as in multiple betas, for the price of one? Do you want a better grasp of who your characters are and why you are writing them? Then you’ve found the right team!


Our Story

Life is funny. One moment you’re gabbing with a friend about your love of books and the next moment you’ve started a new business venture. That’s how Beta Witches began.

Annette has been writing since January 2011. Back in 2014 I began the editing process on my first book. Two-and-a-half years I’ve had four books edited and beta read. Having a book edited and beta read can be costly, which is fine, but I wasted so much money looking for the best beta readers. That was not fine.

Allison is a communications specialist and avid reader of any book from many genres, as long as they’re good. She is a very detailed writer that specializes in copy editing, continuity and above all else crafting compelling stories.

So we combined Annette's desire to help other authors find high quality beta readers/editors and Allison's love of communications and reading into Beta Witches!


Our Name

Why the name Beta Witches? Well, we may be ladies, but we’re not going to sugar frost anything. Part of the magic of Beta Witches is in the truth. We chose the name because of our love of when that magic moment happens for writers, when you know it's right, polished and compelling. The name Beta Witches also speaks to our sparkling sense of humor. We laugh, a lot.

Hire us and prepare to inspire the magic in your story!



I can vouch for the professionalism and dedication of Annette. I sent her a 40k almost finished novel, within a week it was returned with a 14-page critique. I sent her an okay story, I have followed her report and it is now a tight, flowing novel. I really do appreciate every word in that report and so will my readers. I will DEFINITELY be submitting the second part of the trilogy to her; I trust her.”

— Maxine Sarr.


“This team is extremely helpful! I gave them a mediocre at best novella and have gotten extremely helpful notes and hope to turn this novel into something great. I will be using them again in the future for longer works! Thank you so much Annette and Allison!"

— Madison Lawson


Overall [the] comments gave me a little more perspective. Writing a novel makes me feel so vulnerable. I made a few small changes based on [the] suggestions and think it's better for it.

— Erin Lockwood



Your Best Book Is Waiting For The Right Spell.