A Spellbinding Experience 

Beta reading-
An overall breakdown of the plot and characters plus a chapter by chapter analysis of the story. At the end of the book, we will give our overall feelings on pacing, how well this story fits into the genre and any weak points that we may find. (But you already are a good writer that’s why you’re hiring us!) We also give discounts on repeat customers. Payment plans are welcome! 



We charge $.0030 per word for beta reading.  Sorry, we have to charge, but we're just too good to do this for free.


Allison Conley has degrees in Mass Communications and Journalism. She has worked at a marketing firm and currently owns her own business, A Truthful Victory Communications Company. Her experience is in Fantasy, Contemporary Adult, YA, and NA. Email her at lovemyroses1903@yahoo.com.

Annette Abernathy has a degree in Psychology with concentrations in Sociology, Women’s History, Women’s studies, Religion, French, Spanish, and Arabic. She blogs on Domestic abuse at http://www.annetteabernathy.com//. She is a burgeoning photographer and has written six books and two screenplays. Her specialties are NA, Contemporary Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Religion, Historical Romance, and women’s Fiction. Email her at Molly.Seay@gmail.com