The Ultimate Fantasy 

For others content editing is what we at Beta Witches call beta reading. Hiring us for a content edit is a much longer process, so expect a few months as we become intimate with your book. 

Annette Abernathy reads the books first and makes her notes on structure, plot, characters, tone, syntax, and anything the writer wants. Then the notes are sent back to the writer for their use. Once the writer makes the changes they then send the updated manuscript to Allison for another thorough read.

With our method the reader gets two full edits for the price of one.  Please be advised that there can't be a time limit on a content edit. This is for the writers' benefit. Editing a book should take time. This is your baby. Nurture it.  




Content editing is $.0060 to .0065 per word, depending on the level of work needed to clean up the story. The editing round of writing a book cannot be skipped, so it does cost more.  


Allison Conley

Allison Conley has degrees in Mass Communications and Journalism. She has worked at a marketing firm and currently owns her own business, A Truthful Victory Communications Company. Her experience is in Fantasy, Contemporary Adult, YA, and NA. Email her at

Annette Abernathy

Annette Abernathy has a degree in Psychology with concentrations in Sociology, Women’s History, Women’s studies, Religion, French, Spanish, and Arabic. She blogs on Domestic abuse at She is a burgeoning photographer and has written six books and two screenplays. Her specialties are NA, Contemporary Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Religion, Historical Romance, and women’s Fiction. Email her at