I can vouch for the professionalism and dedication of Annette. I sent her a 40k almost finished novel, within a week it was returned with a 14-page critique. I sent her an okay story, I have followed her report and it is now a tight, flowing novel. I really do appreciate every word in that report and so will my readers. I will DEFINITELY be submitting the second part of the trilogy to her; I trust her. .”

— Maxine Sarr.


This team is extremely helpful! I gave them a mediocre at best novella and have gotten extremely helpful notes and hope to turn this novel into something great. I will be using them again in the future for longer works! Thank you so much Annette and Allison!"

— Madison Lawson


Overall (the) comments gave me a little more perspective. Writing a novel makes me feel so vulnerable. I made a few small changes based on (the )suggestions and think it's better for it. 

— Erin Lockwood